Economic Research and Iniatives

PayTM - Research Intern

Insurance, being a critical part of an economy, I chose to do an internship with PayTM, where I got an opportunity to be part of the team that acquired insurance manufacturer Raheja QBE. This required me to read up extensively about insurance industry, its origin, structure, theories and the implications of COVID-19 on General Insurance. I participated in conferences between distributors, PayTM and consulting groups where I translated theories into practice and also learnt several negotiation tactics based on takeaways from core microeconomic theory of demand, supply and regulation. Giving me a higher understanding of the structural operations behind an acquisition, this internship grew my skills not only as a reader and a critical thinker but also as an adaptable learner who can absorb and apply academic information to real-life scenarios.

India's largest e-commerce payment system and financial technology company


Self-Taught Investor

Growing up amidst everyday conversations on global economics and markets naturally molded my young thoughts and drifted me towards learning how and what drives the economy. My curiosity got the better of me and turned me in to an investor at the age of 12 – trying to emulate my dad’s trades. My fair share of hits and misses with those investments taught me early on that enthusiasm needs to be met with proper training and paved the way for me to learn multiple facets of economy and evolve as a disciplined investor


Edelweiss - Academic Research

Leading Investment and Financial Services company

Researched and prepared an academic report, "Interoperability among Clearing Corporations" exploring the scope of SEBI regulations in catalyzing competition among trading houses. My research scope involved data collection from various sources like clearing houses, broking firms, and SEBI regulations. The report not only disseminates knowledge, but also presents the findings for expansion of the horizon of knowledge. This research helped me identify hidden economic incentives that shape economic decision-making, and taught me how to synthesize historical evidence from a variety of perspectives and define my worldview.


Equitree Capital Advisors Pvt. Ltd. - Summer Intern

Portfolio Management and Fundamental Investing Fund 

I spent a lot of my summer vacations at my dad’s investment management firm, Equitree Capital. Equitree gave me an opportunity to learn qualitative and quantitative analysis of investments. Additionally I also did top-down as well as bottom-up research to identify investment opportunities. My highpoint at Equitree was exposure to the solar irrigation sector which I researched in-depth and also made it my topic for extended essay on the socio-economic impacts of solar pumps in off-grid farms. This enhanced my skills to pursue complex research projects that gave me new insights into socio-economic incentives that factor into a government’s decision-making process.

Extended Essay - Socio-Economic Research


Research Question : To what extent has the off-grid Solar Pumps scheme, 2018 impacted sustainable irrigation and affordable clean energy in farms in Aurangabad, India?

In-depth research on grass-root implementation of solar pumps and the robust Water-Energy-Food Nexus linkages in the usage of solar irrigation. Explored impact of photo-voltaic pumps on sustainable agriculture and agricultural productivity in rural areas


ATPI - Job Shadowing

World’s leading travel management and events company

I believe hands-on experience of business operations is integral to understand various economic issues that drive business decisions. With this idea, I shadowed a Manager of Special Projects at ATPI – A multinational travel management firm. During this stint, I got exposure to various parts of an organization – sales, production / execution; finance etc. and learnt how despite having unique priorities and objectives they all come together like cog-wheels and intricately work with each other to ensure smooth functioning of the organization. This experience helped me establish a simile and relate to how different aspects of the economy work in tandem like cog wheels to ensure smooth functioning.


Financial Markets, Yale University - Coursera

Built a strong foundation of ideas, methods, and institutions that permit human society to manage risks and foster enterprise. Utilized risk management and behavioral finance principles to understand the real-world functioning of securities, insurance, and banking industries. 

I learned why the stock market is necessary and relevant in our current society and how human behavior and expression through policy and law can result in both financial progress and also crisis.


Other Research Reports and Essays:

  • John Locke Institute Essay Competition

    • This Competition is a highly prestigious platform recognizing young writers’ independent thought, depth of knowledge, clear reasoning, critical analysis and persuasive style across the field of Economics​

    • Inspired by Adam Smith’s perspective in “The Wealth of Nations”, I wrote a paper on “The Case for Unilateral Free Trade” in the modern world. This paper acts as a powerful restatement of the case for free trade and the principles of comparative advantage that are central to the intellectual case for trade. I explore the effectiveness of trade liberalisation, protectionist subsidies, regulation and wider non-tariff barriers in order to capitalise on free trade. In conclusion, I recommend focussing on regulatory equivalence rather than harmonisation to establish greater outcome-based regulation.

  • Mathematics IA

    • Topic : Implications of Fibonacci Retracement in Technical Analysis of Stock Markets

    • This sequence is an important tool used by traders to determine support and resistance levels as repetitious results in investment habits indicate that these numbers are significant when applied to human emotions.

    • Realizing that many technical investors use these critical levels to anticipate reversals, I am exploring their role in analyzing how emotions play a role in investment decisions and utilizing these potential reversal levels as trading signals.

  • Marshall Society Essay Competition 2020 

    • The Economics Society of the University of Cambridge enabled students to demonstrate their ability to write a convincing and well-structured essay. Emphasis is placed on sound explanation of economic theory and well-reasoned arguments, drawing on relevant real-world evidence.

    • Wrote a 1500-word essay on: Is it in the United States’ interest to isolate and sanction the Chinese economy, or should it continue its previous policy of greater co-operation and trade?​

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